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Texlon processes woven fabrics and stocks a wide variety of constructions and weights. Our fabrics can be found in a diversified list of end uses and markets. To view larger versions of the images


Texlon applies water-based coatings using two processes: Pad Coating (fabric is immersed in the coating and the excess is nipped/squeezed off) and Knife Coating (only the top side of the fabric is coated). Texlon stocks a wide range of coatings including urethanes, acrylics, and silicones. The coatings are often pigmented.


Texlon stocks nylon ripstops, 4 oz & 9 oz performance Dacrons in a variety of colors. Nylon fabrics are dyed in atmospheric dye jigs. Polyesters are dyed in one of the few pressurized jigs that remain in North America.


A heavy, heated roller crushes or “irons” the fabric against a cast nylon roller to reduce the air permeability of the fabric. This is important for sail cloth, kite fabrics, ultralight sails and filtration (water, gas and light) fabrics. Texlon operates two calenders to meet our customers’ specific air perm requirements.


Almost all of Texlon’s fabrics are slit. We slit the selvedge edge off of the wide fabrics so that they are usable across the entire width. And many of the fabrics are slit into tapes to be used for narrow applications, webbings and ready for further processing.